We are the organization without boundary where everyone can work for the betterment of society and help humanity to elevate to a new level.
  • Socialknowledge towards heaklth and Environment
  • Human wellbeing across the life course
  • communicable and non-communicable disease
  • Mental health promotion
  • Waste managment
  • Climate change
  • Drug and Alcohol abuse
  • Sustainable and Pollution free Energy
  • List Peartional and Social development in Scientific World
  • Nutrition
Friendly Einvironment
WOS provides Friendly Einvironment to Every creative Mind to WorkTogether at a Healthy platform.
Only kind  in Market
WOS is an Organization Unique to It's own kind  and is very efficient in It's Work.
Professional Team
Team From various scientific and non-Scientific backgroung with best minds from all across the globe.
Our Foundations
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Bishal Singh


Prem Prakash

Core member


Adi lakshmi

Core member


Farooq Ahemed

Core Member

Awadh Thakur

Core Member
Best Advice and Service to Make You step in Better Futer....
Notes for You......
This is not a time to hold yoursef in the cage of your Brain, It's time to break it and put your Step towards the futer With us. Beat the real challenge and Issues of your Own and Your community to make a different world , which is based on science with WORLD OF SCIENCE.
Important FAQ’s
Why us?
WOS is not an organization which have steriotypic vision, we are here for futristic applications and Resolution of various Social and common problebs with scientific methos and  helps to elevate the awareness of importanceof science in day to day life. It is a platform where every mind on earth are welcomed to share idea and get chance to be part with us as a companion.
Who are we?
We are group of professionals from various disciplines from all across the globe, To create an equal opertunity for individuals at a common platformto do something better for our society and communitythrough scientific ideology.
How do we work?
We work as team , where each member act as pillar fot this foundation. we increase our reach and extend our networksto various part of geographyand provide our best service.
How You can be Part of this Organization?
There are not any fundamental criteria to be part of this organization, if  you are cretive and dynamic to do something for yourself and your community, You are welcome to be part of this organization.
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